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Saint-Petersburg gallery :: Metro

DetailsAs a rule situated in a special building and always marked with a big letter M of blue colour, the metro stations open at 5.30 am and close between midnight and 0.30 am with the trains running with great regularity - you will rarely wait more than three minutes for a train, and the clock at the end of the platform shows time elapsed since the last train departed. In some parts of the city, the metro entry is linked with the pedestrian subway, but in this case the letter M will always indicate the direction to go.

InsideTo get to the metro station it is necessary to purchase either a token or a metro card that are sold at ticket offices in metro vestibules and are valid only in Petersburg. After slipping it into the turnstiles, one goes to vertiginous escalators (due to the city's many rivers and swampy subsoil, most of the lines were built extremely deep underground) taking passengers to the underground trains. Although at present time the Petersburg metro network consists of 58 stations, one should not be afraid of getting lost as the metro scheme giving the names of the stations and indicating places for changing the line can be found in every carriage or metro vestibule.

OutsideThe history of Petersburg metro foundation dates back to 1893 when the engineer Peter Balinsky worked out the first project of the Petersburg underground railway, but the actual decision of constructing the metro network was made only in 1930. In the course of 11 years the pre-construction works were carried out, but due to the World War II the erection of the first metro stations was set up only in 1945. On 15th November, 1955 the first metro line - Kirovsko-Vyborgskaya Linia, consisting of 8 stations was opened.

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