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One of the most beautiful cities in the world, St. Petersburg is also Russia's window on the West and a true European gem. The center of this city of five million is filled with eighteenth and nineteenth century historic buildings, now in the midst of renovation, restoration and for private sale. STN Ltd. is ready to assist you in choosing a perfect apartment, whether grand and sweeping in the very center, or smaller on a quieter street. We are also prepared to help with every phase of selection, assessment of property variants, purchase, documents, legal protections, renovation and remodeling, city permits, or property management following your purchase.

Decisions concerning the purchase of property are always personal. There are many specific questions, some of which may occur only to you. We are ready to answer all of your questions, and to work with you individually so that you are comfortable with your decision. We provide local knowledge and western expertise.

As soon as you make a property inquiry we will immediately put you in touch with a personal specialist who will work with you from the beginning of the process until you complete a purchase - and even beyond. Your specialist will represent you and your interests, will explain each step of the process, answer every question, and find answers and obtain documents that you need. Moreover, we will negotiate on your behalf, representing your interests to achieve the best possible price, research the history of the property, and make sure to prepare all paperwork and documents necessary for the transfer of title and the completion of sale.

Our fee is generally 3-5% of the announced sale price of the property, but may be negotiated depending on your situation.

The Saint-Petersburg real estate remains much more affordable than Moscow and most major European cities, as it is just now experiencing a new renewal. There are still a number of important considerations to be aware of as you consider purchasing property. The city is still in the midst of privatizing some properties, and others must have title cleared of ownership disputes. Moreover, tenants in some properties retain rights of occupancy. Legal problems require constant attention and protection, which STN Ltd. can give to provide safety for you, your capital, and your property.

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