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Brief History

The history of Petersburg metro foundation dates back to 1893 when the engineer Peter Balinsky worked out the first project of the Petersburg underground railway, but the actual decision of constructing the metro network was made only in 1930. In the course of 11 years the pre-construction works were carried out, but due to the World War II the erection of the first metro stations was set up only in 1945. On 15th November, 1955 the first metro line - Kirovsko-Vyborgskaya Linia, consisting of 8 stations was opened. 22 000 sq.m. of marble, 10 000 sq.m. of granite was used for decorating the vestibules and platforms, and more than 700 lamps, lanterns, chandeliers and spotlights adorned the first metro stations. Since that time the city metro system has been developing dynamically, its history is full of fascinating facts and figures and nowadays there are 58 stations forming four lines.

15 November 1955
opening of the 1st metro line from Avtovo to Ploschad Vosstaniya

01 June 1958
opening of metro station Ploschad Lenina

29 April 1961
opening of the metro line from Tekhnologichesky Institut to Park Pobedy

01 July 1963
opening of the metro line from Tekhnologichesky Institut to Petrogradskaya

03 November 1967
opening of the metro line from Vasileostrovskaya to Ploschad Alexandra Nevskogo

25 December 1969
opening of the metro line from Park Pobedy to Moskovskaya

25 December 1970
opening of metro station Lomonosovskaya

25 December 1972
opening of the metro line from Moskovskaya to Kupchino

22 April 1975
opening of metro station Lesnaya

31 December 1975
opening of metro station Akademicheskaya

29 October 1977
opening of metro station Prospect Veteranov

29 December 1978
opening of metro station Devyatkino

28 September 1979
opening of metro station Primorskaya

10 July 1981
opening of metro station Obuhovo

06 November 1982
opening of the metro line from Petrogradskaya to Ydelnaya

28 December 1984
opening of metro station Rybatskoe

30 December 1985
opening of the metro line from Ploschad Alexandra Nevskogo to Prospekt Bolshevikov

01 October 1987
opening of metro station Ulitsa Dybenko

19 August 1988
opening of the metro line from Ydelnaya to Prospekt Prosveshenia

30 December 1991
opening of metro station Sadovaya

15 September 1997
opening of metro station Tchkalovskaya

3 September 1999
opening of metro station Krestovsky Ostrov

14 January 1999
opening of metro station Staraya Derevnya

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