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We have pleasure in inviting you to St. Petersburg - truly an original and universal city, which definitely has a lot to be proud of.

St.Petersburg is the mirror of Russia's turbulent history.

Saint-Petersburg - the capital of the Tsarist Empire for two centuries - is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world, though in terms of world history it is a young city. Only three centuries have past since its first structures were raised on the banks of the Neva River, but during this period Saint Petersburg has been forming as the "eternal city", whose beauty and harmony are unrivalled. Saint Petersburg sense of its own identity owes to its origins and to the interweaving of myth and reality throughout its history.

St.Petersburg is the largest northern city in Russia.

Saint-Petersburg, having the total area of 1440 square kilometers, is the most important and largest city in Russia after Moscow. It is situated on the coast of the Gulf of Finland in the delta of the Neva River and has a very favorable geographical position, which predetermined the city's life as an important center of transport and trade communications. Being located at 60 degrees North latitude, 30 degrees East longitude, Saint-Petersburg has a humid and maritime climate with warm summers and long cold winters.

St.Petersburg is "the Venice of the North".

Built on 42 islands in the delta of the Neva River, Saint Petersburg is often called "the Venice of the North" as visitors are usually struck by the bright glimmer of the water everywhere. There are 40 rivers, canals and other waterways with a total length of 217.5 km. within the city limits, and nearly 400 bridges to cross them, thus making Saint-Petersburg one of the world's leading cities in terms of its number of rivers, islands and bridges.

St.Petersburg is a huge architectural museum.

St.Petersburg is a huge architectural museum. Saint-Petersburg is often referred to as "the Palmyra of the North", which emphasizes the attraction of the city's architecture and harmony. There are so many architectural masterpieces in Saint-Petersburg that it will take you several weeks to visit and to adore at least some of the world-famous sights. Planned on a grandiose scale, the city centre is awash with magnificent palaces and majestic cathedrals, spacious squares and avenues. Being in the list of the World's Heritage of UNESCO and one of the world's most attractive tourist destinations, Saint-Petersburg will charm you with its unique atmosphere as well as captivate with its stunning beauty.

St. Petersburg is the cultural capital of Russia.

The flourishing of culture in Russia has always had its epicenter in St.-Petersburg. There are about 190 libraries in the city, nearly 80 theatres, including the world-known Mariinsky opera and ballet theatre, 20 concert halls, nearly 100 museums (such as the famous Hermitage, the Russian Museum and the summer residences in Petrodvorets, Pavlovsk and Pushkin). The tourists may visit year-round art exhibitions and different festivals, which are regularly held here, as well as go to various excursions in order to learn more about this city of haunting magnificence.

St.Petersburg is a dynamic city with rich internal life.

St. Petersburg is not only a magnificent city for the visitors to admire, but also a place to live and work in so one can easily feel the stream of life here. According to statistics of 2000, the multi-national population of the city is equal to 4,7 million, plus 1,2 million people living in the suburbs. Saint-Petersburg is a huge commercial city with ports and factories, stations where Russian energy and European standards make a perfect match. It is the centre of science and technology, where the best traditions of national education are carefully preserved and being developed within schools and universities. Learn more essential information on Saint-Petersburg internal life.

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