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Cathedrals and Churches

Saint-Petersburg is considered to be a city of imperial proportions and romantic vistas, a source of inspiration to generations of artists thanks to the unique combination of stunning palaces, deeply symbolic monuments, splendid river embankments, savoury parks and many elegant bridges. A city of infinite charm is also flanked with majestic churches and richly decorated cathedrals pointing up Russia??s cultural and spiritual wealth.

Cathedral of our Lady of Kazan
Embracing Nevsky prospect with its curvaceous colonnade, outstretched like the wings of a gigantic eagle, stands the Cathedral of our Lady of Kazan ?? one of the most mesmerizing cathedrals in the city.
Peter-and-Paul Cathedral
Looking far more Protestant than Orthodox in character, Peter-and-Paul Cathedral with its soaring spire is an architectural and semantic centre of the unique and, at the same time, harmonious construction of Peter-and-Paul Fortress.
Church on Spilled Blood
Clearly visible from the Nevsky prospect, on Griboedova canal embankment, stands the multicoloured, onion-domed Church on Spilled Blood, also referred to as the Resurrection of Christ Church ?? one of Petersburg??s striking landmarks, though it undoubtedly stands out from the rest of the city??s architecture.
St.Isaac??s Cathedral
Just to the south of Senate square, looming majestically above the roofs, stands the forth biggest domed cathedral in the world - St.Isaac??s Cathedral - one of the most magnificent and, at the same time, ambiguous in architectural sense buildings of St. Petersburg.
St.Nicholas Cathedral
To the south of Theatre square, traditionally known as ???Sailors?? Church??? after the naval officers that once prayed here, stands the stunning St. Nicholas Cathedral ?? a masterpiece of the Russian baroque architecture and one of the most venerated St. Petersburg temples.
Trinity Cathedral
The Alexander Nevsky Lavra ensemble, a beautiful complex of churches dating back to the time of the city foundation and prestigious cemeteries, is dominated by the Trinity cathedral, a brilliant sample of early Russian classicism, built in 1776-1790 to architect Starov's design.
Troitsky Cathedral
South along the Kryukov Canal from the gleaming golden domes of St. Nicholas Cathedral, there is a huge Troitsky Cathedral, which ink-blue domes ?? visible from all over this part of town ?? were once spangled with golden stars.
Smolny Cathedral
It??s impossible not to take notice of the glorious ice-blue Smolny Cathedral which being the focal point and architectural center of the Smolny Complex, is considered to be one of the most mesmerizing cathedrals in Saint-Petersburg.

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