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Levels of Renovation

Elite renovation. Apartments renovated this way have undergone major reconstruction and have been stripped to the brick and the beams and then completely put back together again using high quality materials and first-rate workmanship. Elite renovation has original design (classical, modern, art deco, contemporary), good layout, quality floors, more than one full bath, and nicely crafted modern kitchens. Such features as plaster ceiling moldings, functional fireplaces, painted walls, wooden framed, double or triple glass windows, exquisite furnishings, expensive light fixtures and chandeliers are also to be expected. A five-room apartment of this type ranges in cost from to per month.

European style renovation. This is what the Russians like to call “evro remont”. The style ranges from tastefully done apartments bordering on the elite to apartments that are more like offices. Apartments in this category have undergone major reconstruction. Typically this type of renovation consists of excellent layout, wooden floors, painted or wall papered walls, tiled kitchens and baths with modern equipment, wooden or plastic framed, double glass windows and modern light fixtures. These apartments are clean and well put together. More and more apartments in the center are being renovated in this fashion. Depending on location, a two-room apartment of this type in the center can cost from to per month.

Local Renovation. This is the typical renovation that average Russians have at home. The apartments have undergone some type of cosmetic renovation and are usually clean and comfortable. These apartments have parquet floors, linoleum in the kitchen and non-renovated equipment. The walls are usually wallpapered. If furnished, the furniture is Soviet-style. Depending on location, a two-room apartment of this type in the center can vary from to .

Poor quality (or no) renovation. It is wise to avoid renting this type. These are apartments that were formerly communal, bought by a new owner, and immediately rented out. They normally fetch or .

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