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The Center. As with any real estate market, location is one of the most important factors. Price is greatly affected by location. The historic center of St. Petersburg encompasses the area from the Neva River to 3-5 kilometers south of Nevsky Prospekt and includes Petrograd side and Vasilevsky Island.

he Golden Triangle. If we look at the center in terms of regions, the area that is in highest demand is called the Golden Triangle. This piece of land lies between the Fontanka to the east, Nevsky Prospect to the South, and the Neva River Embankment to the north. The area includes the Hermitage, the Summer Gardens, Michaelovsky Palace, the Russian Museum, the Moika River, Canal Griboyedova and other historic sites. It is truly the heart of St. Petersburg. All the buildings are pre-revolutionary and many date back to the late 18th and early 19th century. The most prestigious streets are Moika River embankment, Canal Griboyedova, Millionaya Street, Italyanskaya Street, Karavannaya Street, Malaya Sadovaya, Malaya Konyushennaya, Dvortsovaya Embankment and others. Besides a beautiful location, prices also depend on the view.

Nice Residential areas in the center. There are a number of other areas in the center that are great places to live but have lower prices. A very attractive residential district stretches from Mayakovskaya metro on the south to Chernyishevskaya metro to the north. This is composed mostly of nineteenth century buildings. Other desirable areas south of the Neva at bit lower price include the one immediately surrounding the Mariinsky Theatre and areas near St. Isaaks Square. This area is full of beautiful buildings that capture the heart and soul of St. Petersburg.

Vasilevsky Island. Peter the Great originally planned for Vasilevsky Island which is bounded by the Neva River and the Gulf of Finland to be the center of the city. Among the prominent landmarks of the Island are St. Petersburg State University, the passenger sea port and a wealth of finest museums. The island is a combination of an older and much more fetching part and a new rapidly developing outlying territory.

Petrograd Side. Petrograd Side is a splendid residential area with buildings dating from the nineteenth century. The apartment buildings on and right off the main streets, Bolshoy Prospekt and Kamennoostrovsky Prospekt create a truly cozy European atmosphere. Convenient metro stations and numerous parks complement the area. Prices here are up to 30% lower than on the mainland.

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